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Super Bowl Marketing Campaigns with SMS

January 20, 2022
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On Sunday, February 13 the top two teams will meet in Super Bowl LVI. Nearly 150 million in the United States and around the globe will have their eyes glued on the game making it the biggest global event since, well, last year’s Super Bowl. The leadup to the big game presents a strong retail opportunity for all businesses, while game day opens up new possibilities for both brick and mortar stores and e-commerce shops.

When to Kickoff your Super Bowl SMS Marketing Campaign

The National Retail Federation has been tracking Super Bowl consumer spending since 2011. In 2021, even during the pandemic, the average consumer watching the game spent $74.55, and overall, almost $14 billion was spent on Super Bowl marketing campaigns.

While 77% of the outlay was spent on food, snacks and drinks, which is good news for grocery stores, there was still plenty spent in other areas. Over $1.2 billion was spent on new televisions, $695 million was spent on new furniture, $1.5 billion went to team apparel, and $973 million was spent on decorations.

Those numbers are a real opportunity for all retailers in the lead-up to the game and sending a well-timed promotional text message could be the difference between closing a sale and having your customer shop someplace else.

About 30% of consumers start shopping more than a week in advance, while the other 70% start shopping on Saturday or Sunday morning. Online retailers with the right touch present compelling offers for decorations, electronics, and furniture with enough time for delivery, and increase the number of consumers who make their purchases early.

Super Bowl Marketing Campaigns: Gameday Messaging

When gameday arrives, it’s time for local retailers to grab their piece of the pie. Groceries, party stores, electronics shops, and furniture stores should use messaging to deliver special offers to draw these customers into the store. Offers might include same-day delivery, setup, or discounts.

It’s a huge day for grocery stores. Even with smaller parties expected due to the continuing effects of COVID 19, the likelihood is a significantly larger number of small Super Bowl parties. That means more packages of burgers, chicken wings, and ketchup being sold to more customers. Reaching out to these audiences over text is a cost-effective, time-sensitive approach that is proven to deliver a high return on investment (ROI).

Don’t Forget Non-Football Fans

With so much attention focused on the game, it’s easy to forget that there are millions of people with nothing to do on Super Bowl Sunday but shop. Abandoned by their significant other and many friends, they are ripe to be pulled into e-commerce sites or cajoled into heading out to the store.

Using your CRM data, reach out to potential customers with compelling offers to bring them to your store or site, and turn Super Bowl Sunday into a huge sales event.

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