Customer Journeys Start on WhatsApp Business

WhatsApp users overwhelmingly prefer to connect with businesses over WhatsApp. As your WhatsApp Business Solution Provider, we’re here to make it happen.

Conversational Commerce Lives on WhatsApp

Share promotional messages, send notifications, and deliver support through the always-on application that is used by more than 2 billion people every day.

Connect with Customers. Everywhere.

Customers everywhere prefer chat to voice calls and email. Increase customer satisfaction in over 160 countries by adding WhatsApp Business.

Faster Sales, Easier Conversions

Send personalized, media-rich messages with emojis, images, and buttons so your customers never miss a promotion.
curl -X POST 'https://{baseUrl}/api/channels' \
 -H 'Authorization: {bearerToken}' \
 -H 'Content-Type: application/json' \
 -H 'Accept: application/json' \
 --data-raw '{
       "type": "WA",
       "config": {
           "type": "WA",
            "name": "Your channel display name",           

WhatsApp Business Messaging API Includes Programmable Support

Integrate WhatsApp into your existing system through the API and add rich features and robust analytics into your messaging campaigns and conversations

Always-On Availability

Add 2-way chatbots for self-service. Reduce costs while always being available for your customers.

Conversation Based Pricing

Whatsapp business messaging charges include per conversation fees charged by Whatsapp according to the conversation type and destination, and service provider fees. A 2 way MessageWhiz subscription is required.
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Whatsapp charges based on 4 designated types of conversations which are charged differently and the message destination. Click here to see whatsapp conversation fees. Every 24-hours, conversations are considered new, and the clock starts when the first message from the business is delivered.

For example, if a user sends a business a text at 4 PM on Monday and the business responds at 4:01 PM, the entire conversation regardless of the number of messages is considered one conversation until 4:01 PM Tuesday. MessageWhiz's 2-Way Subscription Plan includes the service provider fee for the first 1000 conversations and the setup fee for the first whatsapp number in the account. A one-time setup fee of 100 Euro is charged for each additional number added to the account.
Service Provider Fee Volume Packages

Up to 1000 conversations- included in 2-way package
Up to 10K - 59 Euro per month
Up to 20K - 109 Euro per month
Up to 50 K - 269 Euro per month
Up to 100K - 499 Euro per month
For more than 100K conversations per month please contact our messaging specialists
For more information about WhatsApp Business Messaging and fees please contact our Sales or Messaging Specialists.

4 Types of Messages

Communicate with WhatsApp using one of four different types of messages

Service Conversations

User initiated conversations billed as a single unit covering a 24-hour period. Includes customer service requests, orders, and other questions. Billing begins at the time of the organization's first response.

Authentication Conversations

Business-initiated templated authentication messages, including one time passwords, account verification messages, and integrity challenges. This is the least expensive type of message.

Utility Conversations

Business initiated updates regarding ongoing transactions, including post-purchase notifications and recurring billing statements. These conversations cost less than marketing conversations.

Marketing Conversations

Business initiated conversations including promotions, offers, informations updates, invitations to customers and other business messages. These conversations are billed as a single conversation over a 24-hour period.