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SMS is the preferred channel for sending multi-factor authentication one-time passwords for ecommerce companies, healthcare providers, governments, app developers, financial institutions, and others.

However, fraudsters have developed sophisticated methods to intercept these messages and access user accounts.


At the same time, fraudsters are posing as trusted businesses in their efforts to trick users into handing over log-in credentials. Once that information is in hand, fraudsters have access to customer accounts, where they can steal funds, download sensitive materials, and compromise user identities.

These behaviors have eroded consumer trust and pushed enterprises in these industries to find a secure messaging solution.

Introducing the Most Secure SMS on Earth
MessageWhiz has partnered with Protex to offer a proprietary SMS encryption solution that protects senders, recipients, and telecom service providers from fraud.
Protex's unique system implements secure blockchain technology and message encryption to verify the sender and recipient ID. It fences off messaging traffic onto a parallel secure network which consists only of providers that comply with its stringent security standards.
The messages are encrypted, preventing anyone along the route from intercepting, reading, or manipulating the content of the message.
Businesses can safely and confidently send 2FA messages, implement 2-way SMS conversations, and share messages with their customers through the secure Protex system integrated into the MessageWhiz platform.

Protecting Messages Across Multiple Networks

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