Imagine Business Chat Powered by iMessage

Apple’s iMessage is the perfect forum for resolving customer issues, scheduling appointments, and accepting payments with Apple Pay.
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Customer Initiated Platform

With iMessage, only customers can start conversations. Every interaction is a chance to help them solve a problem, make a purchase, and engage with them.

Support for Any Language

If Apple iOS supports a language, so does iMessage. Share messages in local languages, in both left-to-right and right-to-left formats.

Built In Optimization Analytics

Apple analytics enables you to improve your messaging performance. Learn about customer-preferred intents, increase traffic to your chat channel, and see a full panel of operational metrics to help guide optimization efforts.

Access From Any App or Website

Add our pre-designed, preprogrammed CTA buttons to any website or app to encourage customers to engage with your support team. Buttons include Message Us, Contact an Agent, Ask a Question, and Get Help.