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Maximizing Success: Unlocking the Potential of SMS for Sports Betting and Gambling Brands

September 13, 2023
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By 2027, experts project that the global gambling market grow to $765.8 billion, primarily due to the accessibility of mobile devices.

The days of entering a casino and settling down at a poker table are long gone. With smartphones, players can now experience all the thrills of a casino directly in their hands. Customers can play live dealers in games like blackjack or baccarat, and compete versus other online gamers.

Customers, however, are not the only ones who profit from mobile technology. Sports betting and gambling companies can utilize SMS messages to draw in clients, keep them interested, and protect them.

The value of SMS for Sports Betting and Gambling industry

SMS messages enable brands to have a direct channel of communication with their clients via their favorite devices. As a result, sports betting and gambling companies are able to attract, acquire, and retain customers thanks to this effective and affordable technique.

SMS offers significant advantages to the gambling industry:

  • High efficiency – SMS has 98% open rate
  • Multipurpose – Can be used for marketing, notifications, user verification, customer support, etc.
  • Wider reach – Allows businesses to reach all customers, even those who are not using smartphones
  • Improved security – Two-factor authentication (2FA) via SMS secures customers’ private information

Here are some ways that sports betting and gambling companies can utilize SMS


Online gambling is the third most vulnerable industry to cyberattacks, after the financial services and energy sectors. This affects gambling companies, but it also endangers its clients.

Sports betting and gambling companies can use SMS to verify new users (with OTP codes or, more seamlessly with mobile intelligence), and secure their accounts (2FA). By doing this you will protect client’s private information from cybercriminals, gain deeper trust from clients, and boost brand loyalty.


You can categorize recipients based on demographics, preferences, or priorities using SMS segmentation. With that, you can send each customer content that is highly tailored to their interests. A customer is more likely to use a sports betting app after receiving an SMS notice about the next day’s football game or some other customized offer.


SMS can help sports betting and gambling companies keep up with the needs of their clients. With MessageWhiz’s solutions, you can use chatbots to set up auto-replies so you can promptly assist your end users at any time. By sending welcome messages when an account is created, providing immediate assistance when asked for, sharing personalized offers, and sending out important alerts and notifications, you can turn your clients into loyal customers.


SMS marketing is affordable, especially when compared to conventional forms of advertising. Due to its high conversion rates and low operational expenses, it provides an exceptional return on investment.


SMS can be used to gather players’ input through surveys or direct messages, providing valuable data for enhancing services and customizing marketing initiatives.If you want to learn more about how MessageWhiz can help your brand and the different ways you can utilize SMS, schedule a meeting with us in person at SBC Barcelona from September 19-21, or you can contact us today.

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