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Reaching Your Audience Through SMS on Super Bowl Sunday

February 2, 2021
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Tom Brady versus Patrick Mahomes might be the main event on Super Bowl Sunday, but for millions of restaurants and bars, they’re simply a vehicle to promote drive traffic, sell food, and connect with customers.

Here are a few ways restaurants and bars will be scoring touchdowns with Super Bowl Sunday SMS campaigns.

Leading up to the big game

Start building up excitement with giveaways and contests leading up to the big day. Run contests over SMS to customers who text FOOTBALL to you, offering up the best table in front of the biggest TV screen, free wing platters, or a never-ending onion brick.

Promote your contest over text messages, social media, posters, or signage inside your bar or restaurant. You can also include messages about gameday specials or share mouth-watering videos of plates piled high with super bowl foods.

The contest will help you fill the seats during the game, and build your local recipient list, which you can use to help fill tables on slow nights throughout the rest of the year.

Time for Kickoff

In-game drink specials, betting squares updates, and bragging rights are all fair game once the game starts. Communicate with your patrons with SMS to find out who’s cheering for the Chiefs or Bucs, as you help build up the stature of your brand.

Enable SMS ordering, so your patrons don’t need to wait for a waiter to get to their table, and keep the beer flowing by sharing 2 for 1 beers, third quarter chili fries offers, and postgame shots for the winning team’s fans.

Gameday at Home

Not every fan will be out watching the game this year. With so many customers staying at home to avoid the pandemic, reach out to customers over SMS with delivery options.

Text links to your online menu and online order form, share coupon codes for discounts on food or delivery, and run in-game contests that will be remembered long after fans forget about the halftime show.

Don’t Fumble Your SMS

SMS messages are pretty easy to send, but here are some quick guidelines so you don’t turn it over with poor SMS practices.

  1. Only send messages to customers who have opted into your list
  2. Every message you send should add value for your customers
  3. Use a shortcode to get more engagement
  4. Respond to any messages in real-time

It’s time you harnessed the power of SMS in your restaurant. Contact us today for a free consultation on what smart SMS messaging can do for you.