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My 3 Favorite Examples of Business Texting Done Right

November 20, 2018
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About twenty years ago, long before anyone had considered using a text message to drive business, I was asked to create an ad promoting our participation in a conference. The ad was beautiful, the messaging crisp, and the call to action was exactly what we needed to drive booth traffic. There was, in fact, only one problem with our ad. There was a printing issue, and by the time our target market received the newsletter, the conference was over. Timing has always been an important element in marketing, and it is especially critical in SMS marketing efforts.

Coming up with the right time to send your promotional SMS is often the difference between text message campaigns that turn into case studies, and those campaigns that don’t even register on your customer’s radar. Send it out too far in advance and your message is forgotten when it’s time for customers to take action. Too late, and as was the case with my newsletter ad, it’s all over.

What you are really looking for when sending out promotional text messages is reaching your customers at the moment when they are most in need of your product or service, or are most likely to act on your message. If you can accomplish that, you have a great chance of your recipients opening and acting upon your messages.

Case #1: Are You Hungry

There is a burger place near my office that has been working hard to grow their lunchtime traffic, especially early in the week when customers are less likely to eat out. They recently rolled out Text Message Tuesday, where they send out text messages promoting buy-one-get-one offers.

The result has been a steady stream of orders on Tuesday. The key to their success is the timing of the message. Rather than send out the message on Monday afternoon or Tuesday morning, they tested their message and found that messages which were sent out between 11-12 drove the most traffic. They reached their customers at the moment when they were starting to feel hungry, and offered them a tempting solution.

Case #2: Clothing Sale

One of my favorite clothing retailers sends out occasional text messages promoting their various sales. The messages make it clear that these sales are exclusively for in-store purchases, and for a limited time.

The text messages deliver customers into the store. While retailers don’t have a moment when customers need them the most, they do have a bevy of research guiding them. Successful in-store retail messages work best when delivered in the morning, before their customers completely immerse themselves in their jobs. That gives customers several opportunities during the day, such as during lunch break or on their way home, to come into the store.

Case #3: Happy Birthday to Me

When April comes around I start to get lots of text messages from businesses wishing me a happy birthday. Restaurants typically offer a free dessert, while retailers tempt me with special birthday sales.

These SMS messages work because they are connecting with me on my special day. They helps create a personal relationship between me and the business, and are an excellent sales driver.

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