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Everything You Wanted to Know about a Business Texting Platform

September 23, 2021
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Our popular mailbag post is back. We’ve received a number of questions about business texting platform hacks, and we’re ready to get you the information you need to become an expert on the topic.

And remember, If you have a question about messaging that you’d like us to answer, send us a message through our contact form. We’ll get back to you as quickly as we can.

What is a Business Texting Platform?

Business texting platforms are applications that businesses use to send out their SMS messages. Rather than type your message into your phone and send each message individually to all of your customers, your business texting platform provides you with the tools you need to make texting efficient.

Most SMS service providers offer some type of platform, although the features offered by each company may be different. At MessageWhiz, for example, our platform allows users to manage everything from uploading recipient lists to customizing messages and tracking results. Our platform has tools for A/B testing, two-way messaging, SMS automation tools, and other features to ensure that you can measure and enhance the value you get from your SMS campaigns.

Increasingly, messaging platforms like MessageWhiz are supporting additional channels for business messaging including Whatsapp, Viber, Telegram WeChat and others.

How Can a Business SMS Platform Service My Business?

A business SMS platform can help your business grow through messaging. You can use the platform to alert customers when items are one sale, answer customer questions, recover abandoned shopping carts, or create marketing automations to send messages when pre-set conditions are met.

The platform is there to help manage your SMS communications, and provide you with the tools you need to get the most out of your text messages.

These tools include:

  • List management
  • Templates
  • Automated marketing messaging
  • Individual targeted messaging
  • Bulk messaging services
  • A/B testing

Through the use of these tools and other tools provided by your service provider, you should be able to reach your customers and engage with them.

What industries most commonly use an SMS marketing platform?

Any business that is trying to reach customers use SMS marketing platforms. However, different business types use SMS in different ways.

Retailers, both online and offline, use Retail SMS and e-commerce SMS solutions to drive traffic to their store, answer customer questions, provide service, announce sales and build loyalty.

Service businesses might use SMS to schedule and confirm appointments, offer new services, send reminders for annual service checks, promote timely offers, and follow up their services with customer satisfaction survey.

B2B companies might use a B2B SMS marketing service to coordinate meetings, share new marketing content, or check in on a customer to see if they are having any issues with their purchases.

Gaming companies use SMS to alert users when there are new levels available, authenticate users and accounts, and share game announcements.

Medical offices frequently use SMS to manage appointments and remind patients when they have an upcoming appointment. Under some circumstances, they may also use it alert patients when test results are available.

Logistics companies coordinate pickups and deliveries over SMS, as well as schedule appointments when needed.

Government agencies use SMS for account confirmation, appointment scheduling, and alerting citizens when they need to get messages out to the public.

What is a mobile text messaging platform for business and why is it important?

As mentioned earlier in this post, mobile text messaging platforms are used by businesses manage their text message marketing and engagements with their customers. It is pretty important, because texting bulk customers through a phone’s interface doesn’t scale well, and is highly time consuming and inefficient.

What are the different types of messaging platforms for business?

There are lots of different types of messaging platforms for business. Some of them, like Slack are closed messaging systems used to reach employees and other authorized personnel. Others, like WhatsApp, Telegram and WeChat, are used to reach both internal and external contacts. There are a few more advanced messaging platforms like MessagWhiz which  enable companies  to manage their communications with their audience on SMS, WhatsApp and other similar messaging apps.

If you have any questions about SMS, send us a message. Our team will be happy to answer.