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Text Messaging Software: Does SMS Marketing Work?

October 15, 2019
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Text Message Software That Ensures Your SMS Marketing Works

To the casual observer, SMS service providers seem very similar. For the most part, users go online, create an account, and connect a payment mechanism to their account. From there, they upload their phone list, and start sending out messages to their customers.

The customer is typically charged a set rate based on the number of messages sent and the location to where they are sending their messages. The system gives them a price, and when they click ‘Continue’, their credit card or PayPal account is charged, and their messages are sent out.

However, once they click send, the transaction is over between the service provider and the customer. The customer pays the same price regardless of how many messages don’t reach their intended target. The customer can see, through a number of different metrics in their Google analytics or dashboard, how successful they were, but the bottom line is that most SMS service providers don’t have any skin in the game, and don’t care whether or not your messaging efforts were successful.

Text Messaging Software with Performance-Based Pricing

At MessageWhiz, we take a unique approach when we send out your text messages. While most SMS messaging providers base their pricing on the number of messages sent out, MessageWhiz stands behind its digital marketing tool, and offers an array of performance-based payment structures.

We empower our clients to tap into the power of SMS with risk-free and low-risk pricing models. The goals of our campaigns are as varied as the clients who undertake them, and payment is based on successful engagement, not the number of messages delivered. Our clients measure success by activated accounts, sales, downloads, link clicks, new subscribers, new customers, new leads or fraud reduction.

Think about it. Messages that aren’t read, don’t incur a charge. Messages that aren’t acted upon don’t incur a charge either. Depending on the payment model that you choose, you only pay for your successes.

Text Messaging Software that comes full-circle

We asked in the title “if SMS marketing works”. Truth be told, I couldn’t tell you if other SMS providers deliver results. But I can tell you that at MessageWhiz, our team knows that if our clients don’t reach their goals, our company doesn’t get paid. And our company likes to get paid.

When text messages are strategic and deliver value to their recipients, they strike a chord. They get opened and acted upon. Links are clicked, software is installed, and customers engage. Like social media, SEO, PPC, and other measurable digital marketing tools, SMS consistently delivers results to our clients.

Talk to us to see how we can help you find new ways to engage with customers.