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4 Great SMS Uses for the Gaming and Gambling Industry

March 20, 2019
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Over 50% of all gamers who spend money on video games are Millennials between ages 18-34. They are deeply entrenched in the digital lifestyle and prefer to communicate with their trusted brands through SMS over any other channel. This combination creates the perfect storm for gaming companies utilizing SMS messages in their marketing and gameplay strategy.

Protecting Gamer Accounts

Fraud is a considerable threat for gamers and online gamblers. It is a world where billions of dollars each year switch hands instantly through in-game purchases and betting, as the game steadily moves forward without pause. Criminals hack into accounts, giving them access to their victim’s in-game credit card or PayPal account.

Using SMS as a 2-factor authentication tool (2FA) helps protect players and their assets. Accounts become accessible only through a combination of user name-password and a second code sent to the user’s mobile device via SMS.

Enhancing Sales Through Triggers

As players progress through games, their challenges typically increase. Savvy gaming companies can assign triggers indicating a need for a new item in the near future, and have their system automatically generate an SMS promoting the in-game purchase. The SMS can include a link to a video, where players can see the benefits provided by the in-game purchase. When they do reach the stage where the item is useful, they will have already been prepped to make the purchase.

Triggers can also be used to remind players that a scheduled event is coming up. If the system notes that other members of their team have come online, individuals can receive an SMS notification, telling them that their team is assembling.

New Levels and Launches

As new games come online game developers can send bulk SMS alerts to their players promoting the game. The messages can include video links, giving players a preview of the excitement that awaits them.

This method is especially useful when new levels or worlds are added to existing games. Sending out text messages with video links to players who have moved on to other games is an effective way to bring them back into a game.

SMS for Gamblers

Gambling sites can use an SMS messaging service to alert customers of changing betting opportunities. Triggers can be set up alerting users that odds are changing, or that new betting opportunities have become available.

Many casino companies use SMS to manage their loyalty programs and communicate regularly with their regular gamblers by reminding customers to top up their accounts,  upcoming tournaments, events, and competitions or special chip promotions. SMS messages can also be used to send out betting tips, and SMS short codes can attract new users who text in by offering a tip of the week.

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