Upgrade Customer Service With Chatbots

Answer customer questions anytime, day or night
Easy Implementation for Instant Results

Adding Chatbot services powered by artificial intelligence (AI) to your CPaaS platform is as easy as clicking a button. Our wizard will guide you through common scenarios, and provide prompts to customize your own customer journey. Have your chatbot up in minutes, answering FAQs and guiding customers to the answers they need.

Top 5 Chatbot Use Cases

Fast results
Use AI to anticipate and aAnswer customer questions without making them wait for a service representative
E-commerce and Retail Sales
Help customers find products, process orders, or make recommendations based on past customer history
Appointment Scheduling
Allow customers to make appointments without having back-and-forth email exchanges
Survey Collection
Ask customers what they thought of your services
Lead Collection
Avoid forms and have customers provide information using a chat app that they are already familiar with
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